Windows are the first things you see when you enter a room.

If the curtains are open, the outside world becomes a presence in the room; if drawn, then our atmosphere is confined to inside our homes. Windows provide security, views, warmth, ventilation, and mood. The care and thought we put into the windows of our homes should reflect their importance in our lives.

Windows leak heat during the cool season, and contribute to high energy bills. A few energy-saving tips to prepare for the window include:

  • When the weather turns cold, pull draperies and blinds on all windows at night.
  • Windows with a northern exposure should be closed throughout the winter—even during the day.
  • Uncover eastern facing windows in the morning, western facing windows in the afternoon, and southern facing windows during all daylight hours. This will allow the sunlight to warm and brighten your home.
A secured window against the winter cold is comforting. Windows provide light, ventilation, and a portal into the outside world. Maintain your windows and they’ll serve you and your family in all seasons for many years to come.